Brew Log: Wit

Recipe: Witbier (4 gallon)

Nothing special here, just trying my hand at this style since I haven’t brewed it before. My recipe is pretty much identical to Jamil’s. I’m looking for a light and spiced beer, with the body and haze associated with using a high proportion of unmalted wheat. I resisted the urge to sub spelt for plain old flaked wheat, but that’s an option for next time. I will likely add some form of fruit or tea to this near bottling.

Estimated OG (70% efficiency): 1.048
Actual OG: 1.052
Estimated IBU: 12


5 lb / 47% 2-Row pale malt
4 lb / 37% Flaked Wheat
1 lb / 12% Flaked Oats
6 oz / 3% Acidulated Malt
4 oz / 2% Munich

Single infusion mash at 154F for 60 minutes (BIAB)


0.8 oz / 12 IBU Saaz (4.8%AA) (60 minutes)

Boil 60 minutes, chill to 65F, aerate and pitch yeast.

Yeast: Wyeast 3944 (2L starter)


1 tsp yeast nutrient (15 minutes)
Zest from two fresh oranges (5 minutes)
0.4 oz Indian coriander, toasted and crushed in a mortar and pestle (5 minutes)

Brew Log: 

2014/08/02: Milled once vs the usual double-mill. BIAB. Mashed in at 154F, which dropped to 152F at the end of the mash. Mash pH at the end of the mash was 5.4. Tough mash to drain because of the huge amount of sticky wheat. Wort smelled amazing – orange zest and coriander both big. Cooled to 65F, collected about 4 gallons of wort poured into a carboy and then aerated by shaking. Pitched the crashed yeast of a 2L WY3944 (Belgian Wit) yeast starter. Activity within 12 hours.

2014/11/07: Whew! Forgot about this one! Down to 1.008 (5.7% ABV). No oxidation or autolysis flavours thankfully- still Wit yeast character and some spices and orange. Kegged with 1L of sumac tea for tartness and colour.

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