Tasting Notes: Petit Déjeuner (Dry-hopped Coffee Saison)

Recipe and Brew Log

Brewed on: June 04 2014
Bottled on: June 25 2014
OG: 1.0???
FG: 1.0???
ABV: ???
IBU: 31

Appearance: Pours a deep black with a big, voluminous tan head that dissipates somewhat, leaving lots of lacing.

Aroma: Fresh, citrusy hops hit first, but quickly get pushed out of the way by a dose of chocolate and finally coffee. Lots of fragrant coffee. The citrus, chocolate and coffee combo is in harmony and totally worked out. They’ve all dominated the yeast character which can’t really be picked out. It’s not a major loss.

Taste: Big, crisp coffee and chocolate up front, quite dry but with body to carry it through to a coffee-hop bitter finish. Everything is balanced here. I get hints of the French Saison yeast here, a slight spiciness and tartness coupled with the low residual sugars. I’m glad the yeast kept the potential sweetness in check considering I probably ended up overshooting my OG. No boozy notes whatsoever, despite the fact that it’s probably a 7-8.5%ABV beer.

Overall: Frankly, given the scale and process, and relaxed attitude I had toward this beer, I’m blown away. It accomplished everything I aimed for in spades, and ended up with a very unique flavor profile and balance. Citrusy hops and citrusy coffee work together with oats and dark malt extremely well. This is a definite re-brew for winter time. Let’s hope I can replicate it.





– Richard


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